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June 2018


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We hope all are readers are doing well. Summer is the beginning of friendships, love and fun.

Starting from where we left off, the strength from May is still continuing and June has had a positive impact on our Hospital and Charity. Our donors have increased and more and more people are showing a keen interest in our Hospital and services. We are very humbled to have this influence on society and to be able to help the disadvantaged people of Bangladesh. Many more are believing and trusting us to deliver and we are continually working towards the final product. Ramadan has brought together a family of BBCGH and we cherish all the connections and friendships made. Our aim is to ensure that we are able to facilitate to everyone in Bangladesh and create a bigger poor fund for patients that do not have the financial means. BBCGH journey had started off with an idea and today patients are walking in and out and receiving the treatment they have longed for and fully deserve. Our Hospital has given hope and inspired many others to join Alhamdulilah!

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