Contribute towards our humanitarian efforts



BBCH wants to make it easy for individuals and companies to contribute to our humanitarian effort through sponsorship and donations. From the point of view of allocating funds, we consider a sponsor as one who undertakes to provide a fixed amount at agreed intervals for an agreed period of time in return for recognition of their brand. We encourage Sponsors to advertise their involvement with BBCH by displaying our logo on their company or personal websites. You can request our logo when you engage with us. Sponsors will be asked for a small company logo and a short paragraph of text about your company and, if you wish, about your involvement with BBCH.

Become a sponsor


When a business donates to worthy local causes, such as those that fight poverty or disease, its image is often enhanced in the public’s perception. No longer considered as simply a profit-seeking corporation, a business’s investment in the community signals a commitment and concern for its neighbors. Many consumers make purchasing decisions based upon this quality. Residents of a community will often show favor to local businesses. In many cases, they will go out of their way to support companies that support that community.