What is the current situation in Bangladesh in regards to cancer care?


There are currently over 1 million people living with cancer in Bangladesh, and this number is growing with an estimated 200,000 new cancer patients each year. Sadly, there is very little specialist cancer care available outside of the capital city, so there just isn’t any specialist help, with only 15,000 patients receiving adequate medical treatment each year.

That means that over 98% of cancer patients in Bangladesh aren’t receiving the treatment they need. With the right medical help, cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Those who can afford it travel to other countries to pay for their treatment and care. Those who can’t are left to suffer and die.

Who are in the management?


Our committee consists primarily of community leaders who have distinguished themselves through business, and community work. Our management team is formed by them.  We are always looking for experts and volunteers to join our team.

Why did we want to set up?


We set up with the aim of decreasing these figures significantly year by year, by adding a specialist cancer care hospital to an area that desperately needs it.

What are our short and long term goals?


Our long-term goal is to establish a state of the art modern cancer & general hospital where the poor and disadvantaged can receive treatment either free of charge or at a much reduced subsidised and affordable cost. Our continuous goal is to always increase awareness in order to expand our network of donors, so that we may achieve our long term aim.

Why do we need your help?


The Beani Bazaar Cancer Hospital is the people’s charity, by the people. A successful project for us is a successful project for you. Cancer treatment is one of the most expensive treatments to run, and with your support, we can increase the amount of free specialist care we provide and help create a world where cancer is no longer a threat to us and our loved ones.

How many patients benefit from us?


Between Feb 2015, which is when we opened, and now we have seen of thousands of general and cancer patients. Our community health workers have gone outside to the general population and visited homes to raise awareness and provide advice on ways to avoid the many forms of cancer. This will increase year on year as the hospital expands with better equipment and more facilities.

How are we aiming to fulfill the budget need?


The budget is created from our appeals in the UK, by donors all around the world, which we then allocate accordingly to each of our 3 funds, which are: expansion, poor fund, and running costs.

Our progress?


We are currently on target to complete Phase Two of the hospital plan by this year and are preparing to step into the Third Phase. Please check about for further information.